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Help to support your favorite natural hair celebration in several ways: 


The Program Journal 

Advertise your business (or just send us congrats) in our program journal. The journal will be given to all in attendance at this year’s Heads Up/HAIRitage event and mailed out afterwards to advertisers and contributors who live outside of New York City. Our audience members, people of varying ages, are highly motivated by natural beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle, fashion, culture, education and the arts.

Our program journal will be 8½ x 5 ½ and printed in full color on coated paper. Ads must be sized to the specifications below and emailed in a jpeg or pdf format to journal@headsuphairitage.com. Scanning of camera-ready copy is an additional $5. Advertisers can obtain graphic design services through us if they act immediately for a fee of $20 to $50 for a half-page and $50 to $75 for a full page over our very reasonable rates. Please call 888-573-5530 if you have questions.

ALL AD COPY DUE IN BY MONDAY, SEPT. 20TH. We reserve the right to decline advertising we deem inappropriate for whatever reason. Thank you for your support. 

  Advertisement Specs and Prices  

*Premium Placement: Back Cover – $300, Inside Front –  $250, Inside Back – $200 

*We’re taking requests for premium pages, but temporarily reserving them for sponsors. (See our Contribute page for sponsorship information.) Premium pages not taken by sponsors will be released for sale first-come-first serve, to those on the request list.


Pre-Order Heads Up/HAIRitage Women's Tee (Pick up at Event)

Wear our beautiful logo close to your heart in our signature black or white t-shirts in comfortable 100% cotton. Specify size, style, color and quantity.

T-Shirt Type Size Color


Pre-Order Heads Up/HAIRitage Tote (Pick up at Event)

Carry our logo tote bag to declare natural pride and honor the natural environment.

The Heads Up/HAIRitage DVD 

Preorder a copy of the official DVD featuring highlights of the historic first celebration in May 2009. You can pick up your DVD at the event (saving us postage). If you won’t be attending the event or live outside of New York City, we’ll mail your DVD to you after September 15th.  The DVD is one-hour in length and is yours for $19.95.


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